About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Wilmington Neighborhood Conservancy Land Bank (WNCLB) is to return vacant, dilapidated, abandoned, and delinquent properties back to productive use, while strengthening and revitalizing our neighborhoods and inspiring economic development.

Our Values

We act in ways that:

  • Are purposeful, transparent, and for the public good
  • Are both economically efficient and sustainable
  • Are reflective of the goals and objectives of the City’s comprehensive development plan
  • Strengthen our neighborhoods
  • Improve the coordination of our resources
  • Increase efficiency and collaboration within and between governments, community organizations, and the private sector

Meet The Team

Ray Saccomandi, Director of Operations

Becky Vogel, Director of Finance & Grants

David Reynolds, Administrative Assistant 


Board of Directors

  • Richard J. Gessner, Chairman, Designee of State of Delaware Speaker of the House
  • Susan Frank, Finance Chair, CRA Member, Executive Vice President, Cinnaire
  • Kevin Smith, WNCLB Technical Board Chairman, President, Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County
  • Ernest “Trippi” Congo, President of Wilmington City Council
  • Tom Ogden, Office of the Mayor, Designee of Jeff Flynn, Director of Economic Development, City of Wilmington
  • Maria Cabrera, Chair, Community Development and Planning Committee, City of Wilmington City Council
  • Vandell Hampton, Jr., OffiPublic Member, President and CEO, True Access Capital
  • Timothy Lucas, Acting Director of the Department of Planning and Development, City of Wilmington
  • Dr. Raheemah Jabbar-Bey, Designee of Delaware State Senate President Pro Tempore
  • Hal Schneikert, Wilmington Neighborhood Planning Council
  • Robert Weir, Director, Department of Real Estate & Housing, City of Wilmington
  • Chris Johnson, City of Wilmington Council Member
  • Cassandra T. Marshall, Public Member, Program Development/Capture Executive, Patrior Contracting
  • Ray Fitzgerald, Public Member, Executive Director, Wilmington Housing Authority

Our History

In 2016, the Wilmington Neighborhood Conservancy Land Bank (WNCLB) was created by state legislation and the City of Wilmington to return vacant, dilapidated, abandoned, and delinquent properties back to productive use. Delaware’s first land bank, WNCLB works with the City of Wilmington, nonprofits, for-profits and community members to remove blight and foster neighborhood revitalization.

WNCLB receives our properties from several sources: The City of Wilmington, tax sales, and donations. The properties are held for redevelopment either individually or packaged and held for larger projects. Additionally, WNCLB will acquire strategic properties and transfer to local nonprofits to support their revitalization objectives. With just 9 units sold in WNCLB’s first year of full operation in 2018, WNCLB in 2020, has sold 55 properties for affordable homeownership opportunities and side yards for adjacent homeowners. Since 2018, WNCLB has repurposed 128 properties.

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