WNCLB acquires, removes and holds strategic properties for our partners to fulfill their revitalization objectives. Some of our contributions include:

  • Meet weekly with the City of Wilmington Real Estate and Housing Department to collectively formulate strategic acquisitions/demolitions for large scale redevelopment projects. In 2020, City of Wilmington transferred 76 properties to WNCLB and refined the Sheriff Sale process to directly assign City units to WNCLB.
  • Provided $70,000 in funding for acquisition and demolition on the 700 block of Douglas Street to support Cornerstone West CDC Lifelines III Project supporting youth transitioning from foster care.
  • Joined together with the City of Wilmington, Cinnaire, and Delaware Valley Development Corporation to target the revitalization of the West Side Community developing a strategic plan to effectively deploy Delaware State Housing Authority’s Strong Neighborhood Funds.
  • Supporting the Wilmington Alliance Art-O-Mat project by transferring 503 7th Street.

Additional partnerships include: Cinnaire, Jump Start Program, Habitat for Humanity, NCALL, Woodlawn Trustees, NACA, and for-profit entities to meet the objectives of the City of Wilmington’s comprehensive plan.